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About Us

We solve data problems by transforming, cleaning, repairing and consolidating your data in a way that enhances your decision making abilities.

AboutYourData delivers added value for your data in three ways:

  • Data Migration
  • Data Representation
  • Data Process Re-engineering

About Your Data ...

Data is the most important asset your company has. Your company uses the data that it collects or has access to when making decisions and running your business. As with most assets, your data needs to be maintained. Attention has to be paid to how information is collected, stored and used. It's difficult to make decisions when you don't trust the data.

Your Data impacts the way your customers or prospective customers see you

It's what lets you take orders, ship products, send invoices, receive payments, order more stock and pay suppliers. An efficient computer system accurately supports your business processes. When the business process is not being supported or the data in the computer system is inaccurate, your team have to start to fix problems, the systems become inefficient and can impact your business in financial terms, team moral and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Greg Norris

Greg-NorrisAboutYourData founder Greg Norris has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, the first 20 years primarily focused on software development projects for large multinational corporations and the last 13 years consulting on data migration projects across a range of diverse businesses.

Greg graduated from UTS earning a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing Science) with honours. Has has worked on a number of leading edge projects. He welcomes the opportunity to use his skills to solve data related challenges. Automated data transformations are a specialty.