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Data Representation

Data representation is something that most people haven’t heard of but most people do it without knowing. Simply put, data representation is taking data from one or more available sources then combining the data, selecting parts of the data and representing the data in a format that meets your requirements. Typically, the represented data is of more value to you.

Sometimes you might want to do this but the complexity of the task makes it unachievable.. until now.

We provide a set of rules to apply to your raw data that allows the required data to be extracted and represented in the way that’s meaningful to you.

How do you know that this could be useful to you ?

If you answer yes to one to the following questions, you should be using the data representation tool...

  • Do you use Excel to manipulate data that is available to you on a regular basis ?
  • Do you get reports that contain the data you want but not in a format that is useful to you ?
  • Do you get reports where the data you want is hidden amongst data that you’re not interested in ?